The chances are that you’ve heard about post-traumatic stress disorder before. You may have heard it in passing or read a bit about it online. As commonly talked about as PTSD is, wouldn’t it interest you to know that it is one of the most misunderstood conditions ever? Well, yes. Many people tend to relate PTSD to veterans when the reality it can affect almost anyone. People who have gone through incidents where they experienced one form of emotional trauma or the other are likely to suffer from PTSD.

Thankfully, there is a myriad of treatment options that can help people going through difficult moments as a result of PTSD. Among the treatment options available is cannabis oil. Surely, you’ve heard about cannabis before and know what it is! Cannabidiol oil is gaining more popularity by the minute as a result of its medicinal prowess, it is thought that CBD oil can help those with PTSD.

PTSD comes about as a result of some form of emotional trauma. This is caused by the triggering of the part of the brain that controls fear. Once this part of the brain is triggered, the person is thus forced to relive and to replay the events that led to the trauma. Reactions of patients to the reliving of the trauma include;
• Substance abuse
• Sleep problems
• Recurring nightmares
• A detachment of oneself from people
• Loss of ability to control emotions

In patients with PTSD, anytime an event triggers a reaction, they cannot absolve themselves of the fear and anxiety that accompanies such. In veterans, for instance, fireworks could cause a reaction. In a car accident survivor, a rushing vehicle may trigger a reaction. If these fears and reactions are left unchecked or unattended to, it may disrupt the individual’s normal way of life and even impact his/her health negatively. It is for this reason that many PTSD patients end up taking their own lives. Because they cannot find any form of relief whatsoever for their fears and since they can cope no longer – assuming the more conventional forms of treatment don’t work – they succumb to their fears and commit suicide. Let’s talk about the treatment of PTSD now.

How CBD oil can help with the treatment of PTSD?
The question about whether or not PTSD ever goes away with treatment can be very difficult to answer. For the most part, treatment does help alleviate or mitigate those effects that PTSD patients go through but saying they can eliminate the condition entirely can be a bit far-fetched. However, it is worthy to mention that one treatment alternative making lots of waves is CBD oil.

According to anecdotal reports, it has helped improve the conditions of patients with PTSD massively. True, there aren’t a lot of conclusive, official reports out there, but the few studies that have come out show something very promising. For people suffering from PTSD and are at their wit’s end, you should take comfort in the fact that anecdotal evidence about the benefits of CBD oil in helping with PTSD is very promising. So much so that the Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA) has given the go-ahead for a study to be carried about the use of cannabis as a drug. This is good news as it provides a gateway to ending the doubt once and for all that cannabis cannot be used or is ineffective a substance to be used in the treatment of conditions like PTSD. CBD oil may help you today if you are suffering from PTSD or know anyone who suffers from it. Discuss with your healthcare provider to know the way forward.